Could you create life-transforming wealth 
 with a starting pot of just R5,000?
It could be possible, thanks to...
The Extreme Wealth
Explosion of 2019

Forget Uncertainty Around Land Expropriation…
Forget Concerns Over The Rand…
Forget the outcome of the May elections…
A Seemingly Unstoppable Wave of Value Could Help Generate EXTREME WEALTH For a Handful of Smart South African Investors

Dear Reader,
I have a simple proposition for you…
I’m looking for a handful of brave South Africans ready to ram-raid the stock market.
Because I’m sitting on what I believe are six EXTREME WEALTH creating opportunities that could be about to EXPLODE…
And each of these plays could be capable of making speculators double, even triple gains in the next 12 months.
That’s right. I’m not offering you the chance to ‘bank a nice return’…or ‘make a tidy sum’… forget that!
If you’ll let me, I’d like to introduce you to a market that could help you become EXTREMELY WEALTHY.
In one thrilling hit.
I’ve spent years obsessively researching this area of investing… becoming an expert in the most explosive corner of the ripest market in financial history…
A market that can crank out millionaires faster than MacDonalds makes burgers.
What I’ve discovered has re-defined what I thought was even possible when it comes to making money from investing.
I’m not kidding.
I’ll let you in on what this market is and reveal what I believe are its hottest prospects…
Of course, that’s no guarantee things will play out as I expect.
But I’ll show you how six upcoming “wealth explosions” could help you pocket some serious gains.
As a financial professional dedicated to investigating the biggest and best buying opportunities for South African Investors… I feel I’ve waited my entire career for this historic moment.
I was just starting out when these conditions last came about as a result of the crash of 2008. Lots of quality companies were selling so cheap because of their hidden value.
It was one of the single biggest wealth creation events of our lifetimes.
Until now.
I’ve had to be patient waiting for market conditions like that to come back around.
At last, that’s what looks to be happening right now.
And if I’m right about what’s in store, and if events play out as I hope, it could turn a small stakes of, say R5,000, into a life-altering fortune.
I have to warn you up front: This isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t used to making serious amounts of money… you’re probably going to make a bit of an ass of yourself as this plays out.
Sorry to be blunt, but I’ve seen it before.
When ordinary people make a lot of money, they tend to go a little crazy. They buy outlandish clothes, flashy cars and act like a bit of a fool.
But who cares?
Because when investments go like this…

Or this…

Or this…

…who cares if you go off the rails?
But that’s not the only reason I’m warning you. If things don’t play out as I expect, you could lose money too. In the worst case, you could lose every penny you invest.
If you’re a seasoned speculator, you’ll know that. You’ll understand that when the potential rewards are as big as I think they’ll be… I’m talking about stock market returns that could explode your net worth… the potential risks are big too.
I make no apologies for warning you about the risks. It’s important you know what they are. And if you don’t think you can handle the level of risk-taking needed to punt on the stocks I’ll showcase today, you should stop reading right now.
I mean that.
And there’s no hard feelings from my end either if that’s what you choose to do. In fact, I’d rather you did that than do something that’s just not your ‘thing’.
But if you love taking risks, and you have a few hundred bucks of ‘play money’ to throw into the market, then keep reading.
The stocks I’ve shown you above are three stocks that went VERTICAL the last time this kind of wealth explosion occurred.
For reasons that will become clear to you, the coming wealth explosion looks set to be even more explosive. And I believe could make multiple explosive gains for a handful of people. I’ll show you how you could be among them. 
And that’s not even the best part…
The hidden beauty of this opportunity is… what’s about to happen could make your life not just richer... but better and happier than you’ve ever imagined.
You’ll see how in the next few minutes.
Are these big claims? You bet they are – and the fact is, they might not play out as I expect.
But you’ll see for yourself…
Despite everything that’s keeping investors awake at night... from all the uncertainty around land expropriation without compensation... South Africa's admission to junk status… to the mounting debt problems in South Africa... little of that matters to real speculators.
These six potential “wealth explosions” could blow all that to smithereens. Not for everyone. But potentially, for YOU.
IF you have the courage to take action today.
Want to know more?
For stock market ram-raiders ONLY
I’m serious about what I said before. If you’re nervous when it comes to investing, stop reading now.
Because this opportunity is for gutsy investors only.
This wealth explosion could create market millionaires – for some, it may have already begun. I’ll show you.
But to do so, you need to take risks… a leap into the unknown.
You probably won’t make quick gains of 150% or more from investing in established blue-chip companies like Shoprite and Nedbank or Telkom and Anglogold.
Sure you might squeeze 10 - 20% and a few nice dividends out of these companies over the next five years.
But the huge rush of profits… the life-changing gains… on those companies were made years ago.
These are late-stage companies. Their explosive growth spurt is long behind them.
They have already flourished. Those are stocks for a different type of investor or for a different part of your portfolio.
In my view, if you want to make big money on stocks, you’ll have to look elsewhere… in mis-priced companies with their explosive growth AHEAD of them.
This is inherently more risky as no-one knows with 100% certainty what will happen.
But remember, 10 years ago, an investor like you was sitting in your position… wondering whether or not to take a punt on a stock like Capitec or Amazon.
Many of those who took the leap at the early stages are swimming in cash right now.
Of course, you can’t be certain how these plays will pan out and the examples I’ve shown you took a longer time to mature. But unless you take that leap, I don’t know how else you can make that kind of life changing money.
$3,412 into $1 MILLION
Take Ning Wang, a regular working class American. In May 1998, he bought shares in Apple.
That was a ballsy move.
Back then, most people would have said Apple had made what it was going to make…that its big growth spurt was behind it.
But Mr Wang took the leap.
Maybe he could see the world was ripe for change… that Apple was a part of the tech wealth explosion about to take the markets by storm.
Here’s his original share certificate:

Now Mr Wang could have fallen flat on his face.
But he held firm.
He held firm during the tech wreck of the early 2000s. He held firm during all the subsequent ups and downs.
And today his little stake is worth nearly $400,000.
Over the years, he had enough to buy more stock… which is now valued at $1.5 million.
Of course, Mr Wang didn't HAVE to take a punt in 1998. No-one forced him. He could have spent his $3,412 on a nice holiday.

Mr and Mrs Wang took a chance and it changed their lives forever. That’s the power of these “wealth explosions”.
But if you want to change your life, dramatically, for the better, it’s harder to do so without taking risks.
As long as you agree and understand that fact, then I can help you...
In fact, over the past few years I have dedicated my entire life to finding ways to do so. I have shown regular punters like you how it’s possible to turn a little cash into a life-changing market windfall.
If you have the courage to step forward and take a leap…you could see money quadruple over the next few years…
This is how we plan to do it:
The $4.5 billion “wealth explosion”
that could transform your life forever
We are seeing breakthrough companies make more money, more rapidly than at ANY point in history...
For example, not long ago, 8,000 cabbies brought central London to a standstill all because of a new kid on the block: Uber.
This new company was offering better prices, faster pick up times, greater convenience - you don't even need to ring up a taxi rank to speak to anybody.
In fact, Uber has quickly become one of the fastest growing businesses we have ever seen. It’s less than ten years old but is “now worth more than four times the combined 12 billion dollar value of Hertz and Avis.”
More importantly, early investors in Uber could soon be cashing in for a lifetime of wealth if the company goes public on the stock market.

That’s why, today, I’d like to share with you six South African companies who are also set to take advantage of their own extreme “wealth explosion”...
Because if they are able to rise to the top of their own industries, just like Uber, then you, as an early investor in these companies, could pocket gains of 150% or more.
Yes, Uber is an international example but, South Africa also has it's own 'Uber' style companies.

Take Capitec Bank...
It now offers more than 720 branches nationwide. It started out small, with a profit of merely R47 million in 2002. Today, the company's profits sit at more than R3.2 billion!
And a huge amount of the success of the company comes down to it's efficiency. Older banks like Absa, Nedbank and Standard Bank have IT systems dating back to the 1980's. The have too many moving parts and too many inefficiencies.

Capitec, as a new bank got the opportunity to build its systems using the latest technology and its able to keep costs to its clients much lower thanks to that...
And the company's done very well for its investors.

In fact, had you invested R50,000 in the company back in 2002 you'd sit on R19.9 million today, excluding dividends... And Capitec hasn't missed a dividend since 2002.

But what if I told you there was a way to jump into this stock right now at an instant 20% discount...
And one of SA's cellular operators could provide a unique 50% discount to to savvy investors who spy this value lying on the table...
Cell C may not be the darling of the markets but for one smart company it is...
While this company's share price may have been punished, it's real value is currently discounted by as much as 63%

And with Cell C's newest partner having paid off most of its debt, its looking very profitable on an earnings basis.
This means there's an instant 63.5% gain just waiting to be realised for this one stock that owns a chunk of Cell C.
And as an early investor, I believe you could pocket double even triple digit gains.
In fact, even if I’m wrong, I believe you could still pocket more modest gains of 20-60%.
That’s why it is imperative that you take action to position yourself ahead of the boom NOW.
You don’t need to be an experienced investor to see the opportunity here.
To put it simply…
The BIGGEST investment opportunity of YOUR life could be on the table right now.
The only question is whether you’ll let this pass you by, or you’ll grab this opportunity with two hands and invest in the six companies I’ll share with you today.
You’ve already seen how acting at the right time made some investors a huge profit… Google… Capitec... these are all examples of companies you could’ve invested in if you acted at the right time.
Of course, there’s no guarantee the past performance of these particular companies means that the six companies I’ll tell you about today will make it.
They might not.
But what if in two to three years’ time when the next new startup to really take off is catapulted into the mainstream spotlight. You want to be able to say you invested in that, right?
That’s the possibility that’s on offer right now.
I’m writing to you now to tell you about the small companies I believe will take advantage of this extreme wealth explosion and become the giant companies of tomorrow.
Let’s look at them...

Shares in this company could double thanks to this ‘backdoor’ opportunity
There are hundreds of fast growing businesses that are not listed on the JSE – but
provide MASSIVE potential for growth.

What’s more, only a handful of investors get the opportunity to buy into these businesses at a huge discount.

These investments are out of reach of most people.

Not even 1% of the South African population are able to invest in them…

But now there’s an opportunity to invest in these fast growing businesses. All you need to do is ride the coattails of this billionaire!. 
Take advantage of it right now and capture gains of 50 to 100% in the next 12 months.

My super-powerful, time-tested Early Warning System predicts this one will sky-rocket!
The fundamentals on this small company are perfect. It scores top marks when plugged into my special Early Warning System. With shares currently trading at 558c, with a net asset value for the company at 921cps, you are getting this amazing company at a massive discount. I think this company will be a star performer – worthy of inclusion in any millionaire’s portfolio. Get my FREE report on it without delay!

As with all the companies I analyse... I’ll tell you when they are a buy and I’ll tell you when they are a sell. In fact, I’ll keep you updated every week on what’s happening with all the companies I research.
And it’s not the only “extreme wealth” play I recommend you get in on today. Before we get to that, though, I should introduce myself...
“Uncovering Exciting New Companies Is My Life.”

Hello - my name is Francois Joubert
Before working for FSPInvest, I had a distinguished career working in the mining industry. It was there that I developed an intimate knowledge of commodities and learned how to identify the best investment opportunities in resources.
I grew my own stock portfolio threefold while I was still a student.
I hold degree's in both geology and commerce and have completed my equities and derivatives RPE qualifications through the SAIFM.
Today, while managing my growing real estate empire and whiskey distillery, I help my readers achieve the same success I have.
In fact, here's another example...


Property investments may appear to be in the doldrums but that's why there's 47% in the bag for savvy investors who act fast
Property developers are not known for being specially resilient in tough time’s right.

But here’s the thing, when this company listed on the JSE it promised investors it would create its own rental portfolio before 2020.

And it has done just that.

It's created its own rental portfolio – that is ring-fenced from its ordinary business. It is getting paid (by the bank) for selling properties it develops, to the ‘rental’ business. If the rental business defaults on these loans – the rest of the business is secure. But if the rental business profits – the business profits!
Get ready to bank 50% from the discount alone on this property developer.

This is an exciting company offering: quality, vision, and its part of a sector that has been beaten down right now, you cannot lose. 
All in all this company fits the criteria for strong growth and selection to my Wealth Explosion Playbook 2019.
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And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to take action and get in on these six companies today...
Wait until you see the third play I have lined up for you.
But before I tell you about that, let me show you how easy I’ve made it for you to join today...
Take A No Obligation Trial Of My Advisory Service And Get Immediate Access To My Full Research On The Five “Wealth Explosion” Stocks Today
I’ve put together a report that details all six ‘wealth explosion’ stocks...
These are exciting new companies that are just starting to use smart technologies and strategic gaps to transform their business and the industry they’re operating in.
Of course, this is a forecast and no guarantee of how it will play out, but I expect these companies to grow massively and see their share prices rise by by as much as 150% in the next 12 months.
In fact, even if I’m wrong, I believe you could still pocket more modest gains of 60-75% from these five companies.
And to get your hands on the report today, all I ask is that you try my advisory service, with no obligation.
In fact, I’d like to give you an entire year to see how you like being a member. Whether you make a decision after 2 days or 200... it’s up to you.
When you take me up on the offer, I’ll grant you ful l unrestricted membership to my service... including ongoing new monthly recommendations... weekly updates direct to your inbox that keep you up-to-date on all the wealth explosion companies I recommend you invest in… making sure you know when to sell or alter a position... and you’ll get full access to our online archive.
There are also a number of special reports and bonuses that you’ll be able to download straight away. They’re all detailed on the secure order form on the next page.
When you complete your details today, you’ll make a small discounted membership payment that you can claim a full refund on should you decide during the next 365 days that membership isn’t for you.
There are no catches here. No conditions. It’s just a genuine offer for you to try my advisory service to see if can help you return the kind of gains you’re looking to make from the market.
If I don’t deliver – you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.
Although, if you’re still not convinced, let me give you a preview of the THIRD play I’ll be delivering to you as soon as you join today...


One of South Africa's most influential investors has been buying up this company's shares and I know why!

Considering the turnaround and growth potential I am excited. Add to that, this astute investor piling more than R36 million into the share as it hit lows in 2018 and I am convinced he knows where the profits are heading in 2019…

A dividend payer since 2010, its revenue has more than quadrupled since then, and the company is on track for growth again in 2019.

In the coming 18 months I foresee the company could double or even triple its current share price...Get in today for a 100% gain in the next 18 months.

What I’m trying to say is that these companies that I advise you invest in today are not run-of-the-mill... they’re set up to be disruptive and to transform the market they’re in and the world itself...
Just like Uber and Capitec are doing now.
And just like Google, Netflix and Amazon did before them.
If they do, and I fully expect they will...
As an early investor, you could pocket gains of 150% plus.
And, as I’ve explained, even if I’m wrong, I believe you could still pocket more modest gains of 60-75%.
Of course, on the flipside of greater opportunity comes greater risk. Forecasts like these are not a guarantee of success.
Look, this is a serious opportunity and not one you should take lightly. And I make no apologies for pointing out the risk here: only you can make the final decision on whether it’s right for you to invest or not.
But if you’re interested in finding out more about these six stocks that could soon be set to EXPLODE...

Expropriation, Elections and Junk- How to invest for 2019 and beyond!

Land expropriation woes...The Junk controversy... And South Africa's populist approach continue...
Politically the world may be a crazy place - but that doesn't mean your investing has to be.

Thing is: small companies don’t really behave in the same way as big companies...
You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking the big macro moves applies to small companies as much because they actually behave quite independently.
Small companies are more worried about whether its latest store opened on time and on budget... how is it performing... has it been able to land a new contract with that chain. They are the things that will make a great small company. They’re much less dependent on what’s going in the wider world than big companies.
I can see that in 2019 and beyond... the way you’re going to excel is you’re going to have to be really good at harnessing opportunities as they are presented - that’s what it comes down to.
And if you draw that out a little further, it means you’re really going to have to be entrepreneurial in the market.
That’s why I’ve put together a report that details six small companies that the rest of the market have not recognised can transform the industry they’re operating in.
In my opinion, the value of these companies is set to EXPLODE.
If they get it right, I expect to see their share prices rise by around 75 - 150%.
So to get your hands on the report today...
Remember, I’d like to give you an entire year to see how you like being a member. Whether you make a decision after 2 days or 200... it’s up to you.
When you take me up on the offer, I’ll grant you full unrestricted membership to my service... including ongoing new monthly recommendations... weekly updates direct to your inbox that keep you up-to-date on all the companies I recommend you invest in… making sure you know when to sell or alter a position... and you’ll get full access to our online archive.
There are also a number of special reports and bonuses that you’ll be able to download straight away. They’re all detailed on the secure order form on the next page.
When you complete your details today, you’ll make a small discounted membership payment that you can claim a full refund on should you decide during the next 365 days that membership isn’t for you.
There are no catches here. No conditions. It’s just a genuine offer for you to try my advisory service to see if can help you return the kind of gains you’re looking to make from the market.
If I don’t deliver – you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.
But there really couldn’t be a better time to trial my advice. With companies like Uber, Capitec and EOH paving the way for more and more small companies to transform and dominate their industries… this is the time to buy in.
The report I’ve put together for you – detailing in full the six companies that could return you 75 - 150% - is waiting for you right now. All you need to do to claim it is complete your details on the next page and it’s yours.
If you agree with my research and choose to invest in these companies... I urge you to do so quickly. Developments are moving fast and the sooner you invest, the more I believe you’ll be able to get out of this.
To discover everything you’ll receive as part of your 365-day trial and to get find out the names and ticker symbols of the six companies I’m recommend you buy today… click on the ‘Order Now’ button below.

This Is Your Chance To Excel
Look. There’s so much pessimism in the financial markets today... you look at the news and all you read about is central bankers, politicians, market crashes and debt crises.
But all that is a big distraction that hides the TRUTH about where the market is heading.
And the truth is there are more reasons to be optimistic about the future  than ever before.
Advances in technology are TRANSFORMING our world forever.
But to understand where the opportunities lie, you need to have an understanding of the wealth exploding trends that are happening right now.
These will lead to a future that most people can’t picture.
But you will.
Remember, by giving my advisory service a try today, you’re committing to nothing.
You don’t have to buy any shares if you don’t want. Just check out the quality of my research.
You’ve got a whole year to review everything and decide if it’s worth paying for.
If it’s not for you, contact my customer services team before the trial period expires and claim a full refund.
This is a no-obligation opportunity for you.
So you have to decide.
Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but...
Will you be a part of this revolution — one that could see you bank profits in the hundreds of percent over the next few years?
Or will you sit it out and watch other investors make big money from it?
It’s entirely your decision, of course.
But why risk missing out?
Especially when I’ve made it easy for you to trial this under no obligation whatsoever…
This is a rare chance to potentially rapidly increase your personal fortune…and become ultra-wealthy.
Grab it.
Click the ‘Order Now’ button below to get started.

Best wishes,
Francois Joubert
Red Hot Penny Shares

P.S. OK. I haven’t convinced you yet that the six companies I’d like to recommend to you today present us with a huge opportunity. That’s fair enough. It’s natural to be sceptical and you might well have questions, which I’ll try to answer below.
But I would remind you that I fully expect the six companies I’ll share with you to rise to dominance, just like Uber, Capitec and EOH...
If they do, as an early investor, you could pocket gains 150% or more.
That said, you’re still here, so let’s run through some questions you probably have in your mind...
Q. “This all seems to be too good to be true… what’s the ‘catch’ on this offer?”
A. As I say scepticism is not only healthy, but it’s also the mark of a smart investor so well done for wondering. You should investigate more before you jump into anything. That’s why I'm giving you 365 days to check out this opportunity. I want you to see first-hand how I could help you invest smarter and potentially more profitably.
Remember, you have 365 days to test everything out, investing only as much money as you want and can afford to risk. If you don’t get the results you want, just ask for a refund of the membership price. What could be easier than that?
And you can get this offer by hitting ‘Order Now’…
Remember, hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You will simply be redirected to another page with additional details about what you’ll get when you start your trial.

Q. “How much can I save on my membership today?”
A. You can view all the membership options by hitting the ‘Order Now’ button, including how you can get this service for a discounted price.
I’ve actually set up three options for you and depending on your circumstances and your appetite for investment, one will likely be more suitable than the other. Naturally, not everyone will be the same and whichever is best for you is fine. You’ll receive the same immediate access in all cases.
But to check out which discounted offer is best for your circumstances, just hit the ‘Order Now’ button below.

Q. “If this is so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?”
A. As I say, most professional investors fail to beat the JSE, or even lose money.
The problem is, institutions like big banks aren’t allowed to invest in companies that are really small. They’re stuck investing in big companies everyone has already heard of. And because there’s so much money flowing into these stocks, there’s a limit to how much they can move.
That leaves small private investors like you free to take advantage of small companies, like the ones I’m urgently recommending in my report.
Simply put, small, undiscovered companies have the potential to go from being worth just pennies, to hundreds of rands. This can create vast fortunes for investors who understand where to put their money.
Remember Facebook, Google and Amazon all started off as small companies, which very few people saw the true potential of.
Very few people will see the value of the opportunity on offer here today. But, I think you will be one who does. After all, you’ve seen just how much investing in these small companies could make you. So don’t hesitate… the time to invest is now.
Q. “I'm not a big risk taker. Is this the right research service for someone like me?”
A. Probably not. This strategy involves investing in penny shares, which are both more volatile and less liquid than other types of shares. That means they can be harder and more expensive to trade than large, stable, liquid shares. You’re likely to see big moves up and down with penny share investing, and it’s more likely that you’ll lose money on them than with large company shares.
The way I see it, is if you go for the small companies very few people have heard of, it gives you far more profit potential. These moves involve more risk as these companies aren’t big and established yet, but that’s where that profit potential comes in.
My service is all about giving you an opportunity to make some serious money on the small companies that skyrocket in value. And this takes more risk – the big pay-offs always do.
So, if you can’t tolerate high risk investing, then this will not be right for you. You could be better off sticking with lower risk investments.
Only you know your own risk tolerance and what you’ll feel comfortable with. The choice is entirely up to you. No matter what, we want you to sleep soundly at night with your decision, which is why we give you our 365-day money-back guarantee.

Q. “Can anyone do this? Even me?”
A. Yes, anyone can do this. This service is for regular South Africans with an average understanding of the markets who want the chance to invest with more confidence.
There is no complicated technical analysis that you’ll have to perform. All you need to know is the specific play, and when to get in and when to get out. I do all the hard work for you. I’ll show you exactly why I think a company is a good play. You just have to decide whether you want to follow what I recommend.
When it comes to how much you should invest, then I would recommend around R5,000 per company. You can start with less, or indeed, more – it’s up to you. But obviously, how much you invest will influence how much you could potentially make.
Indeed, if you want to make more money, you will of course need to invest more. Plus you’ll need to take into account the potential for any losses. This will depend on how much money you want to invest with. How much is up to you. Of course, you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.
That said I will of course be showing you the companies to invest in, and giving you buy, sell and ticker information, so nothing will be left to guesswork.
And, as I say, I’m confident that the five tiny companies I’ll share with you in the report you’ll get today could over time make you 150% or more - maybe even TRIPLE your money in the next three years.
But to be in with the best chance to achieve that you do need to act urgently… so, click on the ‘Order Now’ button below, fill in your details and let’s get started.

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